What is a Will for?

  • To say who will receive your money, assets and property (your “estate”) when you die.
  • To say who will see that your wishes are carried out – your “Executors”.
  • To appoint guardians to care for any of your children who are under 18 when you die.
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Can I change my Will?

  • You can make a new Will at any time, if you change your mind, or your circumstances change.
  • You should get advice about changing your Will if you are divorcing.
  • Getting married will cancel your Will altogether, unless your husband or wife is someone the Will said you might marry.

How do I get my Will drawn up?

  • Please complete this questionnaire and return it to us with the standard fee (see below), or make an appointment to see a solicitor in our office to discuss your Will.
  • It will save time at the interview if you fill in the questionnaire as far as you can, and it may also help you decide what you should put in the Will.
  • We can visit you to discuss this if you have mobility problems.
  • We do need to see you and anyone else instructing us as we must satisfy ourselves that you understand what you are doing.
  • We will send you a draft copy of your Will, either by post or email, whichever you prefer so that you can make sure it does what you want, we can usually send this within seven days of seeing you, or receiving the completed questionnaire.
  • When you have approved the draft Will, with any changes that are needed, we prepare the final copy for you to sign. You can come into the office to sign it, or we can send it to you at home.  We do prefer you to come to the office.

How much does it cost?

  • Our standard fee is £275 inclusive of VAT for a single Will or £395 inclusive of VAT for mirror Wills for a couple. Please send your payment with the questionnaire.
  • We may charge more if your Will is unusually complicated but if this seems likely we warn you before you are committed to pay any fees. The standard fee applies to all the Wills we draw up.

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