Choosing the right law firm to represent you and your case is a very important decision. Jackson Longe is a boutique law firm with experienced lawyers with over 30 years of combined experience. Our approach is tailored and so we dedicate appropriate resources and time to manage your matter.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality legal services in an expedient, supportive and positively efficient manner.

We advise both individuals and businesses alike and specialise in four main areas of law:

  • Private Client Law i.e. Wills, Estate Planning & Probate.
  • Property Law i.e. Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Property.
  • Business Law i.e. Sole Trader, Partnerships, Limited Companies, Agents, Intellectual Property and Contracts
  • Immigration Law i.e. Business Immigration matters such as work permits, employer sponsorship licences and Private Immigration matters such as spousal visa, citizenships etc

Ideally yes! But it is not a must. Once we have satisfactorily verified our clients’ identities,  we typically correspond with our clients via email and telephone. We can arrange a meeting at our office, via Skype or on the phone… it’s up to you. We do home visits if necessary. To book an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, please contact us online or via phone and we’ll get back to you.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5.30pm. We are committed to returning calls within 24 hours or less, so please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We want to ensure that our clients are well informed on their legal matter. Therefore, we offer initial consultation to assess your matter and discuss your options and we charge a reasonable consultation fee for this. If we are duly instructed after the consultation, we will deduct the consultation fee from our agreed total legal fees.

We are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective legal representation. We can arrange hourly fee or fixed fee, where the scope of work required has been ascertained. Either way, we always agree on the fees right at the start so that there are no surprises at the end of your matter.

We aim to provide a high-level service as best as we can.

  • We aim to initiate your matter within 48 hours after formal instructions.
  • We will normally update you on the progress of your matter.
  • We will advise you of any changes in the law relevant to the matter whilst your matter is ongoing.
  • We will advise you of any circumstances and risks of which we are aware or consider to be reasonable, foreseeable and which may affect the matter in hand.
  • The person handling your matter (or whoever is looking after your file in their absence) can be contacted at any point during its progress if you wish to discuss the matter with them.
  • If the likely fees or time-scale for completion of your matter changes significantly we will inform you within a reasonable period.
  • We typically offer fixed fee services so that there are no surprises at the end of your matter. Unless we have been retained on a fixed-fee agreement we will update you following the specified events mentioned above with the approximate costs incurred to that date.

In order to give you the best advice, we always require full and accurate information. Your
responsibilities to us include:

  • You will provide us with clear, timely and accurate instructions.
  • You will provide all information and documentation required by us in a timely manner.
  • You will safeguard all documents relevant to the matter until it is completed.
  • You must notify us of a change of name or address.
  • You must take all reasonable steps to follow our advice in order to mitigate any personal liability that may pertain to your matter.

Keeping our clients abreast of the development of the matter is essential to managing your expectations and so we will keep you informed as to any important updates in your matter so that you are well up-to-date but not overwhelmed. We typically communicate via email and telephone for the sake of speed.

Our case management system also allows you, the client, access to your file online if you wish to have it. We are here to support you and take some stress away by keeping track of all detailed proceedings in your matter.

Please call us on 0208 332 2069 and speak with one of our lawyers will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. If required, we will schedule a consultation at a time that is most convenient for you, during which the lawyer will determine how our firm can best represent you and your matter.


We respect your privacy.